Propolis is not a medicine …

Black vinegar products can be used not only for drinking with water but also for various dishes. For example, when used in meat dishes, it is said that the fibers of the meat are loosened and the meat is fluffy and juicy. There are many causes of constipation, but some people experience constipation due to their daily stress. Conscious stress relief is essential for maintaining good health. There are a wide variety of supplements available, from those that are suitable for supplementing vitamins, minerals, and iron to those that have a dieting effect that reduces fat attached to internal organs. Propolis is not a medicine, so taking it today will not work tomorrow, but taking it habitually will improve your immune system and protect you from many illnesses. Propolis, which is said to have been used to treat wounds because of its excellent antibacterial activity in ancient Greece, is also a useful material for people who say, “If your immunity is weakened, you will soon get sick.” Enzyme-containing beverages are said to be effective in relieving constipation because they contain abundant nutritional components that improve the condition of the intestines, such as various enzymes, lactic acid bacteria, and dietary fiber. As you can see from the word “medical and food sources”, it can be said that putting food in the body is no different from medical practice. If you’re worried about nutritional balance, why not try healthy foods? If you eat more meat, sweets, and oily foods than usual, it will be the cause of lifestyle-related diseases such as diabetes, so be careful. As for vitamins, even if they are taken in excess, they are excreted in the form of being dissolved in urine, so it is meaningless. Supplements aren’t just about taking them into your body just because you need them to be healthy. Those who say, “I’m getting enough sleep but I can’t get rid of my tiredness”, “I can’t wake up comfortably the next morning”, and “I’m getting tired soon” should take in healthy foods to balance nutrition. “I don’t have time in the morning, so I only have bread and tea.” “I’m done with a supermarket lunch box for lunch, and I’m exhausted for dinner, so I managed to eat a side dish.” It is not possible to take in nutrition properly with such a meal content. We would like people who have a disordered daily diet to introduce health foods. It can be expected to easily restore nutritional balance, so it is perfect for maintaining good health. Propolis, which is a kind of health food, has strong antioxidant performance so that it is called “natural antioxidant component”, and it can be said that it is a highly nutritious health food that enhances our immunity. .. People who often catch colds and have a hard time are proof that their immunity is significantly weakened. If you continue to be stressed for many years, your autonomic nerves will be out of balance and your immunity will be weakened. If you feel that you can’t get tired even if you sleep for a long time, it is presumed that your nutrition is not enough. Since all the tissues of the body are made up of food, nutrition is also important for recovery from fatigue.


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