For those who say, “I have a diet that cares about nutritional balance.”

Enzymes, which have been attracting attention these days, are contained in large amounts in raw vegetables and fruits, and are indispensable ingredients for living. If you rely on eating out or just eat junk food, you will run out of enzymes. It is essential for mental and physical health to diligently dissipate the stress that accumulates for many reasons, such as work, school, and romantic relationships, without even knowing it. Fecal impaction contains a lot of harmful ingredients, which may cause skin problems. People with constipation should improve their intestines to keep their skin beautiful. I heard that the propolis produced by honeybees has an outstanding antibacterial effect, so it was used as a preservative when mummifying bodies in ancient Egypt. Thankfully, most of the green juice on the market is mildly seasoned with no unpleasant taste, so even children can enjoy it like juice. Those who “have a nutritionally balanced diet” will not become excessively “fat” even in the middle-aged years, and will naturally become a healthy body. I think you can say that you are there. It can be said that a balanced diet and proper exercise are indispensable for living a long life in a state of general health. People who care about their diet should incorporate healthy foods. Unbalanced diets, overstressed lifestyles, unusual amounts of drinking and smoking, lack of exercise and sleep deprivation are considered to be the main causes of lifestyle-related diseases. If you have difficulty eating together, or if you are too busy to decide when to eat three times, try turning on healthy foods to balance your nutrition. If you replace breakfast with vegetable juice, you can be sure that you will get the nutrition you should have in the morning. If you are busy in the morning, let’s introduce it. If your daily life is not good, you often do not feel that you have recovered from fatigue even if you sleep well. Being able to correct your lifestyle on a regular basis helps you to recover from fatigue. As the contents of the diet became westernized, lifestyle-related diseases increased rapidly. Speaking only of nutrition, it can be said that Japanese food is more beneficial for maintaining a healthy body. There are many kinds of health foods, but it is pointed out that the important thing is to identify the one that matches each person and take it for a long period of time. Please be aware that vitamins are wasted because even if they are taken in carelessly, they become urine and go out of the body. I would like you to be aware that supplements do not mean that you can take them without restrictions because they strengthen your body. For those who are sighing, “I tried a diet, but I couldn’t overcome my appetite and just failed,” I recommend the Petit Fasting Diet, which uses enzyme drinks.


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