At regular company checkups …

If you continue to eat at convenience stores such as lunch boxes and restaurants, the nutritional balance will be abnormal, not to mention excessive calorie intake, which will cause visceral fat to be attached, and it is not good for your body. To do. You can see a wide variety of health foods. It’s safe to say that you should select the right one for each and continue to use it for a long period of time. It is said that about 60% of the deaths of Japanese people are caused by lifestyle-related diseases. If you want to stay in good health and live longer, it is important to pay attention to what you take into your body from a young age and to get enough sleep. One of the concerns when starting a diet is the nutritional imbalance, which is thought to be caused by dietary restrictions. If you replace the green juice made from green vegetables with breakfast, lunch, or dinner, you can reduce calories and provide sufficient nutrition. Propolis made from honeybees is known to have excellent antibacterial activity, and was once used in Egypt as a preservative necessary for making mummies. It has been pointed out that royal jelly contains very good nutritional substances and has several effects, but the mechanism seems to be unknown at this time. If you eat only grilled meat, sweets, and oily foods on a regular basis, it will be a factor in lifestyle-related diseases such as diabetes, so be careful. If you are suffering from “it is difficult to eat a nutritionally balanced diet because you are busy every day”, we recommend that you take enzyme supplements and enzyme drinks to make up for the enzyme deficiency. If you are told at a company’s regular checkup that you have to be careful because you have a high risk of developing multiple risk factor syndrome, take black vinegar, which has a blood pressure lowering effect and is expected to have an obesity-suppressing effect. I would like to have it. If you have a hard time eating three meals in consideration of your balance, or if you are too busy to decide when to eat three meals, it is wise to use healthy foods to balance your nutrition. If you’re paying attention to your daily diet, sleeping hours, and skin care, but your acne doesn’t heal for some reason, overstress may be a factor. Fecal impaction contains a lot of toxic substances, which may cause rough skin and acne. To keep your skin beautiful, people who tend to have constipation on a daily basis should be careful to improve their intestinal flora! If you don’t have the time or are single, you tend to eat out more often and lose your nutritional balance. I think supplements are a convenient way to get rid of the missing nutrients. Propolis, which boosts immunity with its excellent antibacterial action, which is commonly known as a natural antibiotic ingredient, can be said to be a god of salvation for people who are suffering from coldness or non-illness. Lifestyle-related diseases are something that people who have a desire to “live in good health” should be aware of. If you continue to live a sloppy life, your body will gradually get damaged and become the cause of your illness.


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