As you can guess from the fact that there is a word of the same source of medicine and food …

Enzyme-containing beverages have been evaluated as useful for constipation because they contain abundant nutrients that improve intestinal function, such as various enzymes, lactic acid bacteria, and dietary fiber. There are a variety of supplements, from those that are ideal for supplementing vitamins, minerals, and iron, to those that can be expected to have a dieting effect that burns and reduces the fat stored in the internal organs. Although it is a nutritious black vinegar, it is highly acidic, so it is recommended that you take it with you during meals rather than before meals, otherwise take it when the food reaches your stomach. It can be said that a little patience and mental stress are essential if we humans want to grow, but be aware that overdoing it can affect both body and mind. Let’s put it on. Royal jelly is a creamy substance produced by honeybees from pollen and honey, and is expected to have the effect of stopping aging, so many people buy it for the purpose of anti-aging. Health foods are something that we would like to recommend to those who have a disordered daily diet. You can easily normalize your nutritional balance, which is a great way to improve your health. An unbalanced diet, an overstressed lifestyle, excessive alcohol and tobacco, lack of sleep and lack of exercise are the main causes of lifestyle-related diseases. Even if you start detoxifying for a diet, you cannot get rid of the waste products in your body if you are suffering from constipation. Eliminating it with self-massage or intestinal training is a top priority. Most of the green juice offered today has a very refreshing taste, so even children who are not good at the green odor of vegetables can drink it without any resistance like juice. Propolis produced by honeybees is famous for having a very strong antioxidant function, and it is said that it was useful as an indispensable preservative for making mummies in ancient Egypt. As you can guess from the fact that there is the same source of medicine and food, eating is considered to be close to medical practice. If you think your nutritional balance is not good, use healthy foods. Fecal impaction contains a lot of harmful toxins, which may cause adult acne. For healthy skin, people who are prone to constipation should be careful to improve their intestinal condition! Royal jelly contains nutrients with many characteristics and has been found to have many effects, but the reality is that the specific mechanism is still unclear. Lack of exercise can lead to muscle loss, poor blood flow, and poor digestive motility. It also weakens your abdominal muscles, which can reduce abdominal pressure and become a major cause of constipation. You can think of diet as the basis for good health. If you have a diet that focuses on what you like, it is assumed that you will be in a state where you are “supplemented with more than enough calories but not enough nutrition”, resulting in an unhealthy body. is.


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