As I get older …

If your daily diet, sleeping hours, and skin care are taken into consideration, but your acne doesn’t improve, it’s likely that overstress is the bottleneck. If you have been instructed in a workplace medical examination that you should be careful because you are in the reserve army for insulin resistance syndrome, black vinegar, which has a blood pressure regulating effect and is highly effective in preventing metabolic syndrome, is good. Let’s do it. Besides drinking black vinegar products as a healthy habit, it can be added to various dishes such as Japanese, Western and Chinese. The mellow richness and sourness guarantee that your usual meal will be even more delicious. Reasonable nutritional supplementation and sleep are essential for fatigue recovery. If you are very tired, take nutritious foods and try to go to bed early. For those who are stressed and upset, enjoy herbal teas such as chamomile, which has a soothing effect, and aroma healing, which has a therapeutic effect, to relax both the mind and body. Royal jelly, which is produced for larvae and adults that become queen bees, is known to have extremely high nutritional value, and one of its nutritional components, aspartic acid, boasts an excellent fatigue recovery effect. Propolis, which was used to treat injuries because of its antibacterial properties in Egypt in the old days, is also useful for those who “get an infectious disease as soon as their immunity weakens.” Both physical and mental fatigue require poor nutrition and quality sleep. The human body is designed to recover from fatigue by eating a delicious meal and resting. It is said that if you are under habitual stress, you are more likely to develop lifestyle-related diseases such as cerebrovascular disease. It is important to emanate regularly so as not to damage your healthy body. Exercise should be encouraged to prevent the onset of lifestyle-related diseases. You don’t have to do hard exercise, but I want you to exercise as much as possible so that your cardiopulmonary function does not go down. As you get older, it usually takes longer to recover from fatigue. It is shallow to think that even if you are in your twenties and thirties, it is okay to overdo it, but even if you get older, you will be overwhelmed. If you’re struggling to live a busy life and can’t eat a nutritionally balanced diet, consider taking enzyme drinks and supplements to supplement your enzymes. .. Propolis, which boosts immunity with its high antibacterial effect, which is also known as a natural aging care ingredient, will be a god of salvation for those who are chilled or have a headache due to pre-illness. People who do not have time or who are single tend to have more opportunities to eat out without knowing it, and their nutritional balance tends to become abnormal. Supplements are a surefire way to supplement unsatisfied nutrients. Supplements are useful for getting healthy, but please understand that it is not a good idea to take them as a dietary supplement. It is important to properly identify the ingredients that you need.


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