For dogs and cats …

Recently, collar-type medicines and spray-type medicines are being sold for the purpose of exterminating, exterminating, and preventing pet mites. Ask your veterinarian a question. If fleas parasitize dogs and cats and leave them unattended, they can cause skin diseases. Get rid of fleas in a hurry so you don’t make things worse than you need to. Regarding fleas, even if you think that you have used medicine to repel them, if you do not clean them, you will be aiming for your pet again. When eradicating fleas, it is important to make cleaning a daily routine. Basically, fleas cling to weak and unhealthy dogs and cats. It is important not only to get rid of fleas of pets, but also to not take lightly the daily health maintenance of dogs and cats that we cherish. Heartguard Plus medicine is a kind of filariasis preventive medicine to eat, and it is recommended because it can not only prevent the growth of parasites but also exterminate nematodes in the digestive tract. The skin diseases that tend to occur in different dogs also differ. Diseases such as so-called allergic skin diseases and tumors are common in terrier species, while in the case of spaniel species, various tumors are thought to be conspicuous. The most effective way to get rid of mites is to clean your house every day, and if you have pets, you should take care of them, such as keeping your body clean. .. The most common skin disease in cats is the condition called athlete’s foot, which is the cause of athlete’s foot, and it may be common for the body to develop under the influence of molds and fungi. In the case of Revolution for cats, although it is a drug used for cats that are about 8 weeks old and can be used for dogs, there are differences in the amount of selamectin. You should be careful about diversion. Nowadays, it seems that the heartworm preventive drug type that is taken once a month is popular. Heartworm prophylaxis is not a one-month prophylaxis after taking it. It’s like taking preventive measures for about a month after taking it. Choosing a diet that matches your pet’s age is essential to staying healthy for years to come, and you should ensure that each pet is given the best diet. For example, as a result of administration tests to pregnant pets, lactating dogs and cats, puppies about 2 months old, and kittens, Frontline Plus has been shown to be safe and effective. If it is very difficult to supplement with ordinary pet food alone, or if you are chronically deficient in pets, use supplements to supplement. Unfortunately, when fleas infest dogs and cats, it is very difficult to simply wash them with shampoo and get rid of them completely, so visit an animal clinic or try general flea-killing medicines. Should be. Don’t underestimate it as a minor skin disease. It seems that you may need to see a veterinarian, and it’s a good idea to keep in mind the earliest possible discovery for your cats.


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